De-ionized Apple Juice Concentrate

%100 Apple sugar

It is a natural apple sugar whch does not contain any chemicals, additives or preservatives. 

De-ionized Apple Juice Concentrate  is produced by the clarification, filtration, evaporation (concentration) and the deionization of Apple Juice which has already been obtained by processing the fresh, clean, ripe and sound apples through the consecutive stages of washing, sorting, crushing and pressing .

Naturally occuring substances which give the acidity, color and the taste (aroma) of apple juice are removed by the deionization process where the natural sugar content of the apple juice is preserved in the final product. Having no color, taste and odour; Deionized Apple Juice Concentrate is widely used as a natural sweetener in the food and beverages industry.


275 kg net in double PE bags in inside lacquered steel drums